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Whenever you need to hire the service of a door fitter Lewisham, ensure that you look out for a competent door fitter Lewisham. Carefully take your time to research and evaluate the exact experience of any door fitter Lewisham you find. If you hire a door fitter that has neither vast experience nor in-depth knowledge in door fitting, this can lead to some problems that would leave your door worse off. Actually, new doors all have straight edges while most doorframes have bowed and uneven edges.

Doorsie works with a team of well-trained door fitters who are both professionals and have wealth of experience. When you employ us, our professional team would come to your place to begin your door fitting process by properly measuring your doorframe to determine whether your doorframe is bowed or not. After this, they will trim your new door to fit perfectly into the doorframe.

Most unprofessional door fitters do not trim this doorframe properly thereby leaving unwanted uneven margins between your new door and the doorframe. The best solution may be to install a new door or even the doorframe.

However, to save you all of these problems, simply employ the service of Doorsie today, we pride ourselves as one of the professional door fitter Lewisham. Contact us today or email to plan a suitable viewing time.

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